Better STD-CI for GitHub


We currently have some support for crating STD-CI jobs for projects running on GitHub. There are however, several issues with it:

  • The job templates you use for GitHub are different then the ones you use for Gerrit:

    • Job names need to contain '-github-'

    • In Gerrit you need a separate 'project' entry for the 'build-artifacts' jobs, in GitHub you need a separate one for 'check-patch'.

    • SCM checkout details are specified in the 'project' entry as opposed to a separate SCM file (We might want to adopt this for Gerrit).

  • The 'check-patch' jobs do not have full STC-CI. They don't run the post-build steps.

  • The triggering scheme is strange:

    • All jobs trigger when certain messages are posted in the PR comments.

    • check-patch is triggered automatically when a PR is updated unless the user is not white listed, in which case nag messages are displayed on the PR.

    • STD-CI Jobs can also be triggered by adding a comment on the PR (its the same jobs as opposed to with Gerrit where its a special '*-on-demad' job)

    • Nothing triggers when a PR is merged (As opposed to with Gerrit where 'check-merged' and 'build-artifacts' are triggered on merge).

  • The white-listing scheme is different:

    • The 'jenkins-whiltelist' file does not effect theses jobs at all.

    • GitHub project/organisation membership determines white-listing

    • white-listing is determined by who added the comment to run CI, not who authored the patch.

  • GitHub projects are not currently supported by the change-queue.

Some of these issues and differences had already been tracked in other tickets. This ticket is for concentrating all related work. Other related tickets will be linked to it as blockers.


Barak Korren


Barak Korren

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