Migrate oVirt projects to STDCI V2


As STDCI V2 is live and production for a while now, it's time to proactively push and assist oVirt projects to move to STDCI V2. Projects will benefit from new STDCI V2 features such as the ability to modify the distributions and architectures they build on without having to send patches to the 'Jenkins' repo.


Daniel Belenky
June 20, 2018, 7:09 AM

We need to add more tasks with more projects that we find appropriate and applicable for migration to V2.
WDYT? we need to be much more proactive on this.
I think that migrating 1 or even 2 projects per week (at least setting V2 jobs) is a good goal to start with.

Eyal Edri
June 20, 2018, 7:12 AM

I agree, let's start tracking which projects are on V1 and schedule dates for moving at least 2 projects a week.
If a project maintainer can't / won't move, we need to document the reason and possibly open JIRA tickets to research the gap or document the missing feature.

I suggest starting opening tickets to each project we plan to move and document progress there, start reaching out to the project maintainers.
This might also help speed up adding downstream jobs.

Barak Korren
June 20, 2018, 7:51 AM

We need to map out the projects first - that will take some time...

In the meantime there is also discussion going on on issues like that may be migration blockers to some projects.

In the meantime we should close gaps in infra projects.


Daniel Belenky


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Move oVirt projects to STDCI V2