Upgrade web stats software


Our Piwik installation is really aging and it's high time we upgrade to Matomo.


Evgheni Dereveanchin
August 19, 2019, 2:08 PM

Just to prioritize: are we missing any features now that exist in the newest version or there’s some other urgent reason to upgrade like security problems?

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
August 19, 2019, 6:16 PM

I realized how old that was when I added support in the Jekyll migration and it seems the version does not match well or something, so I guess having a recent version would help (I’d like to avoid using an old version of the Jekyll plugin, which might not work with this verison of Jekyll, and so on you see the picture).

As for security problems, probably, but I don’t recall anything urgent. There were important privacy fixes though, so I think we should care about that.

So it’s something to do in a reasonable timeframe but not just right now necessarily.

Evgheni Dereveanchin
September 9, 2020, 1:18 PM

https://stats.phx.ovirt.org/ upgraded from Piwik v3.2.1 all the way to Matomo v3.14.0 which is the most current release to date. Looking at GitHub, v4 is in the works currently so we're at a good stage to upgrade once it is released. It is expected to require PHP7.2+ so a reinstall to el8 may also be required.


Evgheni Dereveanchin


Marc Dequènes (Duck)

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