review and remove jobs running on EOL fedora


I noticed a large number of jobs in the build queue due labels such as fc30 being requested.
For example, currently vdsm_standard-check-patch #25071 is waiting for 1 day with this message:
This script required nodes with label: (fc30 || fc31 || fc32 || rhel7 || rhel8)

Another example is vdsm_master_standard-poll-upstream-sources which runs on fc30

I had to bring vm0148 with fc30 back online but we should remove all jobs that need this distro or if el7 is not enough - decide on the replacement (el8?) and bring up some VMs to cover the needs - we have capacity in PHX for that


Evgheni Dereveanchin
December 3, 2020, 3:08 PM
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Evgheni Dereveanchin


Evgheni Dereveanchin