non working button in new UI


In the old gerrit UI, when i wanted to view all the repositories, i went through top menu buttons "Projects">"List"

In the new gerrit UI, when i want to view all the repositories, i see "Projects" button in the top menu, but it does do anything, while "Browse">"Repositories" does the job. In fact, the "Projects" button even leaves traceback:


TypeError: Cannot read property 'focus' of undefined
at HTMLElement._open (gr-app.js:1957)
at HTMLElement._dropdownTriggerTapHandler (gr-app.js:1957)
at HTMLElement.handler (gr-app.js:556)
at (gr-app.js:586)
at (gr-app.js:571)
at Object.forward (gr-app.js:580)
at (gr-app.js:579)
at HTMLElement.handleNative (gr-app.js:566)
cachingReporter @ gr-app.js:1485
reporter @ gr-app.js:1484
onError @ gr-app.js:1482
fire @ gr-app.js:586
fire @ gr-app.js:571
forward @ gr-app.js:580
click @ gr-app.js:579
handleNative @ gr-app.js:566

I think the easiest solution would be just to remove the “Projects” button entirely, since the repositories would be obtainable through Browse->Repositories

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