link added to bugzilla from gerrit without bug-url


Hi all,

Please see [1][2]. Something added in [1] a link to [2], presumably
because [1] was mentioned in [2], but without a "Bug-Url:".

This is basically a duplicate of [3], fixed at the time by [4]. [4] is
almost two years old, and is still the branch HEAD - nothing was
changed there since. No idea what else might have caused this.

If the code handling this is now maintained elsewhere, perhaps also
add a README and/or some commit pointing at the new place.

Thanks and best regards,




Anton Marchukov
January 6, 2021, 10:25 AM

Assigning to me since I was the author of that fix. Need to check what’s going on and looks like the old fix just does not work.

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Anton Marchukov


Yedidyah Bar David