Image Request - openSUSE Kubic & Arch Linux Cloud Image



I'd like to request, if possible; that the following Openstack-compatible images are made available on your Openstack Glance image provider.

  • openSUSE kubic

  • Arch Linux
    Each are linked to where you can download the images.
    They are both provided officially and offer cloud-init compatability.

I am more than happy to provide maintenance and whatever support is needed to get these both integrated.
If you would like me to run integration tests, I am also more than happy to run it on my dev instance of oVirt. If requested, I can also see what I can do to provide a 'machine configuration', i.e Virtio, sata, etc for each VM.

In addition to the above distros, while I do not use them; they would be useful for other members to have integrated (and I am also happy to do the testing required for these). Public cloud images are also available.

  • openSUSE Leap

  • openSUSE Tumbleweed

  • openSUSE MicroOS

  • flatcar Linux

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Okami Dash