Setup mail delivery from Jenkins and slaves


I'm setting up some jobs that will require Jenkins and/or the slaves to send email to various places. Jenkins and the slaves seem to currently run Postfix in a default configuration that makes them attempt to deliver email directly to its destination. This causes sent email to get delayed.

We typically don't notice this because our SPF setting for are quite lax (We allow anyone to say he is from, but delay messages that are not from ", "", or "") abd because our ML server where we typically send to, only imposes a 60second delay.

We need to have a better setup. I suggest we configure Jenkins and the slaves to use some other server as a smart host (maybe ""?). To make the configuration as generic as possible I suggest we make the slaves deliver via Jenkins and only make Jenkins deliver to the smart host.

I think smart host configuration on Postfix is simple enough that we can make our usual job-embedded slave setup scrips set it up insead of having to resort to Puppet or Ansible.


Marc Dequènes (Duck)


Barak Korren

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