Re-factor OST jobs YAML to reduce duplication


Besides the experimental flow jobs, and the manual OST job, we also have a few more jobs that run specific OST suits on a scheduled basis.

Historically theses suits were written by different people and different job templates in YAML were also written for each suit.

At some point we have normalized all the suit names in OST to be of the following structure:

This was initially done to allow the mirror injection process to find the 'reposync-config.repo' file but also facilitated the creation of the generic manual OST job.

Since all suites now follow the same naming convention there is no more reason to have separate YAML job templates per suit. This separation may even cause subtle issues.

All the YAML OST job templates should be unified so that we'll have just one job template that is parametrized by the suite type and oVirt version. Furthermore we can probably have just one YAML project entry to create all scheduled OST jobs.




Barak Korren

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